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Hello Gorgeous

At Gorgeous You we strive to create the Perfect Custom Blended Hair Color for

Whether you are looking to simply cover up those nasty grays, or go a couple shades lighter, or darker for a deep rich conditioning hair color. That’s going to make you feel your best!


Here a few tips & info

Hair color, cannot make previously colored hair lighter, meaning if you colored your hair medium brown, you cannot then just put a dark blonde on your hair, and it will lift to a dark blonde or lighter. Hair color can only make natural/virgin hair lighter, but we can darken or tone over lightened, or bleached hair.

To make hair 4-5 shades lighter, it is recommended to visit a Hair colorist, to achieve this.

To help you better understand, what goes into choosing and blending the perfect color for YOU.

Please keep in mind, sometimes there might be a period of adjustment, to fine-tune to your hair color, for your particular hair type and porosity.

HAIR POROSITY: Is the ability to how well your hair will accept, or absorb your New Color.

Hair that is highly bleached, unhealthy, very fine, can sometimes over react to a new color, and sometimes go several shades darker, then intended.

Here is some info that I hope will help you understand how to choose your CUSTOM color, why it’s better Then a one box color.

Please also note : Although there is a lot of science, and your hair colorist experience, knowledge, and color preferences, that goes into blending and choosing a color for you, it can also be subjective, to your Hair Color Guru’s Personal opinions, as well the porosity of your hair.

Also when choosing your Color Formula, your personal likes and dislikes when it comes to hair color, is ultimately our HIGHEST PRIORITY! Some people really prefer to have only cool tones, while other customers love to embrace gold or red tones 🙏

Hair Porosity?

So far five women with approximately the same hair color, given the same hair color application, will have varying results in terms of lift or tone of the color.

So when going to a top hair color salon, there might be a period of 2 visits were you tweak or fine-tune the color each time to find the perfect color match with your porosity, and personal preferences.


After having said all that, please rest assured, most often with the information given to your Color Guru, we can find and suggest the best color formula for you, that you will love

And which will have you feeling and looking you’re most GorgeousYou