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Men’s Colors

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    Pure Shot Intense Color will add extra intensity (Extra $10 for all options)
    Please click/tap on this sign along with the Pure Shot to view more details.

    Not sure?  your Color Guru  can recommend.
     If you really DISLIKE  😱 WARM TONES, and  had problems in the past, when colouring your hair, pulling to much red/brassy/Gold  tones, you can consider adding  Intense Cool/Drabbing    Destroyers from our PURE SHOT Collection.

    Pure Shot Cool

    If your MOJO Leans towards the PASSIONATE 💃 Hot Red/ Copper/Gold  Tones, You can consider adding  PURE SHOT  HOT Concentrates

    Pure Shot Warm

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 At Gorgeous You 💋
We want you to LOVE  your  NEW COLOR HAIR. 
Just like if you went to a new hair colorist, who is fabulous with hair color, because every persons hair is  different, in how it reacts to a new hair color, sometimes some tweaking is needed,  for example Depending on how  resistant or stubborn your white/ gray hair is, or how much warm tones develop when lifting your hair lighter.
If needed, with some of your  Color   Guru Magic  we can make Changes to your color  formula, to address any color challenges.
To make sure that this is a color that you LOVE
Guaranteed Gorgeous 💋

Cool Group tones down unwanted warm tones, when lifting darker shades to lighter tones

Warm Group make any color more intense for brighter Reds, Golds and Coppers


MIX A Ash intensifier Tone down unwanted red tones, When lifting from medium brown too dark blonde.

MIX B Blue intensifier Tone down Brassy orange tones, When lifting from darkest brown to light brown.

MIX V Violet intensifier Tone down unwanted yellow tones, when lifting from dark blonde to light blonde.


MIX R Red intensifier Add to any color for richer auburns, or when intense red tones are desired.

MIX G Gold intensifier add to any color for brighter gold and soft copper tones great for strawberry blondes.

MIX C Copper intensifier add to any color when bright Gold/orange copper tones are desired.

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4 oz ($30), 6 oz ($40)


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