My Story | Gorgeous You

I’ve always loved color, even as a young boy, I would always be sporting the loudest and most colorful shirts.

As a hairstylist for over 25 years,I have always been PASSIONATE for hair color, for my clients.

I think almost everyone will look and feel better, having the right color crafted for them.

And done right you will look and feel younger.

This philosophy even extends to my salons & homes, all of them being very unique often, each room or area having a different color reflecting the need or function of the room creating the perfect mood or ambience.

With the current situation in our country and often the economic hardship that has resulted, I felt that there was a real need,for people to have the option to still have GREAT Salon Color without the Salon cost.

I hope this helps fill you need, and that you LOVE YOUR HAIR

I Guarantee it.

Be Gorgeous