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Salon Hair Color ~ without ~ the  Salon Cost


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Answer our brief Color Quiz questionnaire  to assist your licensed Color Specialist, ( aka  your Color Guru ) , in understanding your Color Preferences Needs &  Concerns, and  we will  even offer  helpful suggestions for the ideal shade and Color Solutions CUSTOM BLENDED JUST FOR  YOU. The quiz takes only about five minutes.

Then we will recommend your perfect GorgeousYou Color for you.

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Our virtual color Changer — see stunning hair  Color transformations when you upload your picture.

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1. Select the Blue  Box  for one time purchase follow the link to the check-out  Please note, if after filling out the colour quiz, you need more time to think about it. You can cancel at any time.
2. Select the Pink Subscription Box  although recommended for further information, you can go directly to the   calendar and book your Free Video Chat.
3. Get Ready to be GORGEOUS. Your Custom Blended DIY Color Kit will be custom blended and formulated, just for YOU  and will be delivered right to your doorstep on the schedule you select. Complete with directions,Color Brush and  Gloves.

We’ll ask you a few simple questions to help your licensed Color Specialist (aka Color Guru) better understand, Your Color needs, and concerns, and even some helpful suggestions to help you find a perfect shade and color solution for you.

Then we will recommend your perfect GorgeousYou Custom Blended Color The quiz only takes approximately five minutes.

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